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Usher Syndrome Society Art Events

Usher Syndrome Society Art Events

Usher Syndrome Society Art Events are the driving force behind the Usher Syndrome Society mission, offering  both volunteers and participants the opportunity to learn about Usher syndrome and Art that can inspire change. 

Every person has a story about overcoming obstacles; an illness, a disability, emotional or environmental challenges. At our Art Events, we tell “our story about Usher syndrome” by showing a video,displaying portraits with their stories, and talking about what it feels like to have Usher syndrome. We then encourage participants to share their personal feelings by drawing and a pop up gallery is created. This gallery represents empathy and awareness in action.

Art Events can be held anywhere: in parks, schools, libraries, homes, corporations, etc. We encourage anyone interested in our mission to consider hosting an Art Event. The Usher Syndrome Society will make this easy for you by getting you registered and sending you a manual with detailed instructions for holding an Art Event.

There are two important reasons to have an Art Event:

  • Raise awareness for Usher syndrome 
  • Raise funds for Usher syndrome

If you would like to hold your own an Art Event: Register below