Usher 4 Usher Syndrome

Usher 4 Usher Syndrome Dance Challenge

We are asking everyone to challenge friends and family to create a short video dancing to an Usher song in hopes of getting the singer Usher to perform a benefit concert to raise awareness and funds for Usher syndrome.

what to do:

1.       Challenge 2 or 3 people to do the Usher 4 Usher Syndrome Dance Challenge

2.       Make a sign or say an intro : Usher, please help people with Usher Syndrome from going deaf and blind

3.       Dance to any Usher song for around 15 -30 seconds

4.       Upload your video with the tag @usher and hashtag #usher4ushersyndrome

5.       You can also include the website: or

For any questions email us at


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