Are you a fan of fresh farm eggs? Jenny Hunt has launched a campaign to raise awareness and funds for Usher syndrome (USH), the leading genetic cause of combined deafblindness. Her son, Weston, was diagnosed with Usher syndrome and she wants to stop the progression of the disease while there is time. Fresh eggs from her family farm are being sold at a nearby coffee shop, with all proceeds benefitting Usher Syndrome Society Research Grants.

If you do not need eggs or don't live in the area, your support of cutting-edge research is still crucial. Consider donating here to help create options for those affected by vision and hearing loss from Usher syndrome. 


Weston is a four-year-old boy who has a true love for life and the people in it. He is happy, kind, and incredibly curious about the world! Weston lives each day with hearing loss and wears hearing aids during all waking hours to effectively listen and communicate. His parents learned through genetic testing that his hearing loss was caused by a very rare disease called Usher syndrome. Only to discover that hearing may not be his only challenge. His vision is also expected to deteriorate in early adulthood as Usher syndrome causes the progressive loss of both vision and hearing, two vital senses. Weston’s parents say they have a ticking clock to find treatments to prevent their son from losing his vision. While there is some amazing research happening, it is awareness and funding that is needed to bring this disease to the attention of those who can help. Each and every bit can help make an amazing impact on Weston’s life and many others worldwide who live with Usher syndrome.  


There is so much exciting research emerging for USH and we see how this research can directly benefit Weston and other people worldwide living with Usher syndrome. The only problem is funding. You can change that today.

If you are willing to donate one time or even monthly to this cause, please provide your information below. Any amount will make a difference.

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