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Dear Participant,


Thank you for participating in the Usher Syndrome Society USH2021 Conference t-shirt contest.

The Usher Syndrome Society is a non-profit that uses the arts, educational events, and collaboration to raise awareness and funding for treatments and a cure for Usher syndrome (USH).

By checking this box, you are agreeing that the artwork, if chosen, may be used in the design of Usher Syndrome Society TACTILE products.  You understand that no remuneration will be paid for any artwork that is used, that such artwork is to be considered a contribution to the Usher Syndrome Society charitable fundraising.

You also authorize the Usher Syndrome Society to use creative license with the artwork for printing and design purposes as well as any marketing, publicity, promotional or fundraising materials developed by the Usher Syndrome Society, including print, web and other media.

On behalf of you or your minor child[ren], you hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the Usher Syndrome Society its officers, directors, employees and any other individual supervising or participating in this t-shirt design contest from any and all claims, losses, injuries, liabilities or damages (collectively, “damages”) that you or your minor child[ren] have or may have in the future based upon any acts or omissions arising out of or in connection with the t-shirt design contest whether such damages be caused by negligence or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by law.