Shine a Light on Usher Syndrome

Jacob MacKinnon

Meet Jacob MacKinnon

Jacob is 14 and was diagnosed with Usher syndrome type 1B when he was 2 years old. Jacob has substantial visual field loss along with full night/dusk blindness. He is in 8th grade and has outstanding grades. He is a straight-A student and member of the National Junior Honor Society. Math is his favorite subject. He loves playing computer games, reading, drawing comics, vacationing in the mountains and taking walks around the neighborhood. He wants to be a computer programmer and will be attending Old Colony Voc-Tech for high school next year. Jacob struggles socially but has an infectious smile and is quick to tell jokes. 

Jacob and his brother Brandon are great friends. They support each other in every possible way and have already taught one another many valuable life lessons. Their journeys are just beginning and we look forward to where it takes them.

Jacob lives in Massachusetts with his brother, Brandon, mom, Gail, and Dad, Fred MacKinnon.