Who We Are

Mission & History

Our mission is simple.  Art • Awareness · Cure

The Usher Syndrome Society (Arts for USH) is a non-profit that uses the Arts and educational events to raise awareness and funding for Usher Syndrome (USH) to ultimately find a cure.

The History:

In 2008, our original organization Kidz b Kidz, emerged with the recognition that every child has a story about overcoming obstacles whether it is an illness, a disability, emotional or environmental challenges, and that it is important to connect children to the concept of empathy and the importance of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes to truly understand another person’s life. 

In 2012, two of co-founder Nancy Corderman’s children were diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Usher Syndrome (USH) and they are slowly losing their hearing and eyesight. USH is the most common genetic cause of combined deafness and blindness.

In 2016, Kidz b Kidz changed their name to The Usher Syndrome Society in recognition of their revised mission. The Usher Syndrome Society is using photojournalism and educational events to create empathy for Usher syndrome with a goal of bringing USH to the forefront of rare disease awareness and research.


The Usher Syndrome Society has become a group of people with a common cause: to cure Usher syndrome. Some of us have Usher syndrome, some of us are parents of children with Usher syndrome, and some of us are friends that just want to help find a cure.

We are making a difference together !