Sight, Sound, & Strength Events

Experiential Fundraising Events

Sight, Sound, & Strength events help us raise vital funds for Usher syndrome research, while simultaneously educating the public about living with this rare disease. These events involve interactive experiences that provide an opportunity for attendees to harness their inner strength and understand some of the challenges faced by somebody living with Usher syndrome. Each event includes an educational component to provide the public with more information about USH and the Usher Syndrome Society.


All of the proceeds from our Sight, Sound, Strength events are dedicated to supporting Usher syndrome research happening around the world.

Experiential Awareness Activities

Our Sight, Sound, & Strength events are defined by the opportunity to engage in physical activities that ask you to harness your inner strength and reflect on the relationship you have with your physical senses, particularly with your vision and hearing. With each activity, we provide an opportunity for attendees to experience the world with simulated vision and hearing loss, which allows the public to more deeply understand the reality of living with Usher syndrome.

A woman, Rebecca Alexander, is wearing a black t-shirt and is speaking to a crowd. She has an animated facial expression and she is holding a cane in one hand and her other hand is expressively emphasizing wht she is saying.

learn more about usher syndrome

Sight, Sound, & Strength events are an important opportunity to share more information about Usher syndrome, the Usher Syndrome Society, and our progress in finding treatments and a cure. During each event, you may hear from Rebecca Alexander (Brilliant keynote speaker, extreme athlete, and psychotherapist), Jeffrey Holt (Chief of our Scientific Advisory Committee), or Nancy Corderman (Founder of the Usher Syndrome Society). We also may use this event as a chance to enriched these events by debuting one of our latest films.

explore the shine a light exhibit

Sight, Sound, & Strength events are hosted at a variety of different indoor and outdoor venues, however we always include a sampling of our growing Shine A Light on Usher Syndrome Global Exhibit. This exhibit contains striking portraits of individuals and families living with Usher syndrome. By exploring and interacting with the exhibit throughout our Sight, Sound, & Strength Events, attendees can recognize the diversity of the USH community and hear the individual stories of the people living with this rare disease.

support research

Sight, Sound, & Strength events are fundraisers! All proceeds raised from ticket sales or during the event go directly to fund cutting edge vision and hearing research to find treatments and a cure for Usher syndrome.

Help us find treatments and a cure.