Shawn Hewson

Meet Shawn Hewson

Shawn Hewson is living with Usher syndrome Type 3A. Over the last few years, he has shared many of his experiences with the world through public speaking, writing, and documentation of important moments in his life. By sharing these experiences and articulating his journey of navigating life with USH3A, Shawn continues to raise public awareness of Usher syndrome. His willingness to open up about life with USH has also connected him with many others in the USH community who share similar experiences. Shawn has been instrumental in raising funds for the very first USH 3A Zebrafish that is currently being used in the lab.



Below please see some of the stories that Shawn has shared with us over the years.

The first one is Shawn's presentation Deck when he presented in April of 2023 to a class at the University of Iowa.

Shawn participated in our Sense Stories campaign, where he was interviewed by Rebecca Alexander about living with USH. Watch Shawn's Sense Stories:

"If you are to persevere in your struggles and overcome obstacles, it is essential to step out of your comfort zone.  This allows you to grow in strength, confidence, and courage over time.  Be honest with who you are and what you need, because at some point in time, “getting by” isn’t good enough anymore."

-Shawn Hewson

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