Experiences of Life with Usher syndrome

A Luminary Story: Rebecca Alexander

"Living with Usher syndrome is hard and it’s emotional. It has allowed me to feel so incredibly alive. My biggest hope now is that the impact of what I do with my life will encourage other people who face similar challenges or even different challenges to confront their fears. So many of us live in fear and we need to learn how to live with our fears." - Rebecca Alexander

See The World: Hannah Corderman

Hannah Corderman is 26 years old and is on a mission to see the world before she loses both her eyesight and hearing due to Usher syndrome. She is in a race against time. In this story, Hannah shares with us her fears, her inspirations, and her hope. 

International Women's Day GapFit Campaign

In honor of International Women's Day, this Gap campaign celebrates Usher Syndrome Society board members Rebecca Alexander and Hannah Corderman. Hannah designed this GapFit shirt using Rebecca’s inspirational mantra: Breathe In Peace. Breathe Out Fear. 

Usher Syndrome Awareness Day 2021

There’s no greater unifier than the solid beat of a beautiful song. We gathered with members of the USH Community, people living with all 3 types of Usher syndrome, and learned to dance! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Usher Syndrome Awareness Day, than to share this story of joy, life and community spirit.