Shawn Hewson From The Minnesota Wild Blind Hockey Team

"If you are to persevere in your struggles and overcome obstacles, it is essential to step out of your comfort zone.  This allows you to grow in strength, confidence, and courage over time.”

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  From Minnesota Hockey "Mission Tampa" A Success for Blind Hockey  Click Here for full article

The recap from Shawn:

Teammate Nick, myself, coaches Lonny and Chris all endured an incredible ride at the 15th Annual Toyota-USA Disabled Hockey Festival in Wesley Chapel, FL near Tampa.  After a tryout scrimmage game for blind hockey, Nick and I were both drafted on Team North for a Round Robin tournament consisting of 4 teams (North, South, East, West).  Nick played Forward, and I played Defense.  All teams had 4 defensemen and 7 Forwards , but we were short a defenseman AND a Forward.  Therefore we rotated with 3 defensemen, which included me.  One of my fellow defenseman plays for Team USA Nat’l team.  The other was Amanda from Canada.  So we played A LOT – probably 40 minutes each out of a 60 min game.  This was my absolute very first “organized game experience”.  We posted 2 shutouts, and went undefeated in 4 games including the Championship.  We gave up only 8 goals in 4 games. I got to wear my favorite Wild player Darby Hendrickson’s #14 for the Championship in posting a shutout.  Although Nick and I both got banged up (Nick – concussion, and I have a bruised tailbone and one fractured 5th rib), we persevered and brought home the Gold.  My only goal going down there was to have fun, survive, and meet people.  I was blessed to come home having accomplished all of that plus something even greater!