Shine a Light on Usher Syndrome

Shine A Light: illumination collection

Shine A Light: illumination collection by Genevieve deManio

The Usher Syndrome Society's Shine A Light: illumination collection was designed to live in a space for longer periods of time to allow more viewers to connect with the people and stories being “illuminated” in the exhibit.

The venues, size, and duration of the collection will vary accordingly and will also allow for the rotation of representation of those living with Usher syndrome.

Our first collection is by the renowned photographer Genevieve deManio and was displayed at the Gleason Public Library in Carlisle, Massachusetts. If you would like to display this collection please contact us HERE

About the photographer: Genevieve deManio

Genevieve de Manio is one of America’s pre-eminent wedding and portrait photographers. Since forming Genevieve de Manio Photography in 1997, she’s photographed more than 400 weddings including Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky’s. Genevieve’s work has been featured in dozens of wedding magazines, books, and newspapers including a profile in the New York Times.

Genevieve is proud to be a contributing photographer to the “Shine A Light On Usher Syndrome” exhibit, showing the strength, joy and beauty in each amazing individual.