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"Yellow the World" and "Paint it Yellow" are public awareness campaigns highlighting the accessibility needs of individuals with vision loss. 

Together we hope to improve accessibility in our communities, while also raising awareness for Usher syndrome, the most common genetic cause of combined deafness and blindness.



It All Started With Dario Sorgato's

Dario Sorgato began to #YellowTheWorld in 2014.  It is a global public awareness campaign to draw attention to the accessibility needs of those with vision loss. He has traveled to Helsinki, Mount Everest Base Camp, Reykjavik Iceland, Berlin, and Munich Germany, and all over Italy.

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Then Came... Girl Scout Troop 1673: PAINT IT YELLOW

Girl Scout Troop 1673 is raising awareness and taking action to improve accessibility for people with low vision - working with legislators for better marked sidewalks, crosswalks, stairs, and painting park benches yellow for public awareness.

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