SENSE STORIES: an exploration of USH through video journalism

Thank you for your responses to our questionnaire! We appreciate that you are sharing your story with the Usher Syndrome Society and we are excited about the next steps. 

We will be scheduling a live recorded interview with Rebecca Alexander supported in the background by Filmmaker Tom Fox-Davies. The interview will be scheduled for 1 hour, although the actual time-frame may be much shorter. If you need an interpreter, there will be a spot to fill that information in when scheduling. Please click the link below which will reflect dates and times at the end of this week and the following week into September. Hopefully, you can find a date and time that works for you. If you cannot find a suitable time, please contact us at

Following the interview, we will review and contact you with specific detailed instructions on taking your own short video and submitting it to the Usher Syndrome Society.

Finally, we will combine the content and launch an ongoing series of videos in hopes of educating the public about Usher syndrome through your incredible stories and voices.

Please click below to schedule your live interview: