Sense Stories

Cultivating connection  through the powerful medium of video storytelling

Good Morning Saul

What are sense stories?

Sense Stories is an awareness initiative designed to educate the world about Usher syndrome through video storytelling of everyday life with Usher syndrome. Featuring full-length interviews and shorter clips from those interviews, Sense Stories offers a platform for individuals affected by Usher syndrome to candidly share their experiences. Through these narratives, viewers gain insight into the resilience and daily triumphs of those navigating life with Usher syndrome, alongside the challenges and uncertainties it presents.

Qais Modeling

Qais Swimming

Rose the Athlete

Rose The Artist

Blind Love Woodburning

Par for the Course of Life

One Amazing Ride

Telling the World

Being Competitive

Living for Today

Dogs Know Everything

Making Morning Muffins

Facing the Fears of Fatherhood

Competing with Usher syndrome

Being Positive

From Shame to Cane

Keeping My Memories

See The Stars

My Ears Aren’t In

Hole In The Straw

Tap Happily Happily